Day 83, make like a moth.

English: mongolian STOP sign (ЗОГС)

Mongolian STOP sign (ЗОГС) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If anti social personality disorder (ASPD) is labelled as the “common cold amongst the prison population” then how is ADhD and ASPD labelled amongst the psychopathic population? A common flu perhaps? Or maybe like a slight skin irritation? Or maybe a case of genital warts?

Or, more likely, pretty much every psychopath could be considered ADhD and / or  ASPD, it’s just that (maybe) the psychopath  has taken it a step further.

Where most would see a stop sign, they only see a rule ready to be broken.

Every other time I ran a stop sign, I was fine. But this one time, just that once, a bloody big eighteen wheeler was coming and I just missed it. Instead of worrying about it I carried on and ran the same stop sign the very next morning……

  • What the fuck are you on about now NZFiend?

To tell you the truth mate, I just start writing crap and it just kind of takes control mate. There is no rhyme, and very little reason, to this writing. It just bubbles from within. Like shaking up a beer before opening the can. The very fact that any of it makes sense is beyond logic.

  • What I mean to say is, god forbid you to stray off course, the psychopathic stop sign thing….

Ahah, right you are. Can I tell you a true story?

  • You mean your stories up until now have been bullshit?

No, not at all. Okay then, this is 100% fabricated as well. Feel better now?

  • Fine. Do get on with it.

Where was I again?

  • For fucksake you are hard work… The psychopathic stop sign thing….

Well, talking about stop signs reminded me of something. When I was 17 I was running late for work every morning and would do things like go through town at 100km/h… Town is 50km/h by the way… And I would be going down between the lanes of stationary traffic at that speed and would see a red light ahead and simply look straight ahead and carry on. I wouldn’t bother worrying about it. 

In other examples there would be near fatal crashes (they would have been fatal if I had crashed, but due to overwhelming ability of not caring about consequences) I would get a rush from it and go even faster towards the next obstruction…

  • You’re boring me.

Yeahp, sorry about that. Anyways, so I figure there is this big roundabout in the road of all these traits and / or states that cross over between ADhD, psychopathy etc.

Impulsivity is a good example here.

If you were on a bridge, looking down, and you spotted a run away tram running down the rails… The tram is running towards five people who are all looking the other way and are going to die. There is a big fat guy on the bridge next to you. Let’s call him Karl. Just for the hell of it. Karl is big and fat. He’s quite capable of stopping the tram if you push him over the edge onto the rails. He will die, for sure, but his lard ass may, in fact, save the five people below.

If you answered YES, you are probably more psychopathic than what you think.
If you answered YES in half a second you could be dangerous in certain company.
If you answered YES before even finishing the question properly, you are ME.

This test forms part of a well known psych test, I did not make it up.
The wording is mine however, They used much more elaborate prose.

But then, to change tack again. I have always performed very well in times of emergency or acute crisis. Earthquakes, car crashes. Whatever it is. I go and work out the best thing to do instantly and then go do it whilst other people are still blinking. It is odd. Remember how I got good at playing football and the “ball seemed as big as a car and the goal as big as a building and time went so slowly I could see the defenders foot approaching my foot in super slow motion…. etc etc”…. Well, motorbike riding was like that at times too. Especially when crashing.

And then picking up the pieces. 

CATS ARE PSYCHOPATHIC. You should see the delight they take in giving a fully functional live mouse a slow death via heart failure. I prefer using a trap. Although I did take great delight in watching a mouse sneak out from behind my stereo, nibble at the mouse trap, look at me smugly and nibble some more. And then, WHUMP. Hahahaha, fuck you mouse! USA may have drones everywhere. You don’t need drones. You just need good old fashioned traps. Bring back the land mine.

So, although I score highly on all the psychopathy tests, I am not a moth.

I probably once was a moth from time to time. I would call it psychopathic STATE not TRAIT.

The moth would not care either way.

The moth would have found a nice bright object and burnt itself to death already.


But I have one thing over a moth. I have a kid and a car. And since I cannot see the kid, I am spending money entertaining my car. $200 on getting a shaft machined to fit the gearbox. Going to catch a train to pick it up.

Every time I have caught a train recently there has been a big earthquake which has stopped the trains running.

WARNING – I AM ABOUT TO CATCH A TRAIN. Please tell everyone you care for to take action now. Find a strong area of the house and stay there until my next post.


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