90 Days. This goes out to all you hard working bums.

I get my money for nothing, scamming the government. If you go to a job interview, you got to know what to wear.

Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah.

Ninety days without getting at all wasted. Who would have thought? Not me. At least, not without something else seriously going on in life. It is easy to give up drugs for something else. Going to university, workaholicking. Whatever the hell you do when you’re not using drugs to levels of problem addiction.

This is my first post from my new computer. Well, it is now a month old. But, it just got connected to the internet. It is now, no longer, just an expensive MP3 player. It does internet searches and everything.  Now all I need a large drawing tablet, two thousand worth of software and to tidy my flat. Yeah, right.


The court paperwork thing went all good in the end. I wrote a quick five pages (or three thousand words) in under an hour and emailed it to my lawyer, whom promptly got back to me saying he had got to court and that I need not bother showing up. Brilliant. Rode bike 20km out the motorway and took my car part to a different manufacturing engineers shop. I could even get my car back together next week. Yay. This is progress of sorts.

But then, did I mention I had another court appearance today? No?

Intentional damage charge for kicking out at the wing mirror of a car that just about ran me over. If I almost ran someone over and then stopped and tried to start a fight with the guy when he kicked my mirror I would have been electrocuted with a tazer and possibly have been shot with a 9mm police issue Glock. But, since I have a hundred odd criminal convictions and the guy whom almost run me over was driving a brand new Audi, I get handcuffed, beaten up a little bit, and end up in court. Even though his mirror was already broken. Which is why I knocked it off. It was the very least I could do for him aiming his stupid car at me.

Was going to Nelson to visit a friend. Ended up hitch hiking by hiding in the back of a car with my pit bull to get on the ferry. Went about one thousand miles in wrong direction. Have not been to Nelson since. But did spend a good decade in Queenstown instead.

Impulsivity. It gets you places. Probably the wrong places sometimes.




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