Got a new key ring

Wish I had done animation for a living. Instead I am very happy to get a cheap plastic key ring and come home to have peanut butter on toast.

Awesome. Got a new key ring. This involves going to an N.A meeting and sharing. Got there late as could not find my keys. Then got asked to share by my favourite N.A girl. She is my favourite purely as she is so full of mirth. Is hah-leer-ee-us at the worst of times. Funny at the best.

I shared. Probably the briefest share in N.A history…

Hi, I am NZFiend, an addict. I would like to share that kids are great at living in the now. They do not dwell on the past too long. They do not look to the future with fear or anxiety. They live in the now. I would also like to share that it is my ninety day mark today. And that I only just got to the meeting and find it easier to listen to others and relate to what they have said. So, thanks…

Okay, maybe that isn’t the shortest sharing in N.A history. But close.

 I think this key ring is orange.

Would take a photo and prove my new computer, internet and digital camera all work as one holistic digital device, but am tired.  I am too tired to even trade mark (or purchase the url) “holistic digital device”. If you see anyone using it, anywhere in the world, ask them for some cash. Tell them I sent you.

Is addiction a disease?

NO NO NO I tell you. But hey, everyone at N.A says it is and will foam at the mouth rather than even listening to your thoughts otherwise. Here is an email answer in response to a question about one of the steps…

The Buchmanite religious cult, [Oxford Group] from which A.A. sprang, taught that sin was the cause of all of the problems of the world, including alcoholism, and that the cure for sin was confession. [for more on how the Oxford Group set Bill W in motion, PLEASE CLICK HERE ]

According to Buchmanism, you did not drink because you were in pain, or because you have broken dopamine receptors or not enough beta endorphins, or because you were depressed, or because you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress disorder, or from the scars from child abuse, or from Borderline Personality Disorder, or from Bipolar Disorder, or any other disease or disorder. No, drinking alcohol is a sin, and the alcoholic is a sinner.

(Now just to confuse the issue, both the Buchmanites and A.A. declared that alcoholism is “a disease”, but they didn’t mean it. It’s a bait-and-switch trick. Declaring that it’s a disease and it isn’t your fault is just bait to get you in the door. They they pull the switch and declare that “there is something wrong with you”, and what is wrong with you is a “moral shortcoming” via a “defect of character”, which are euphemisms for “sin”.)

Buchmanism taught that people were separated from God because of some nasty little un confessed secret, and the cure is to confess all of your sins to somebody else, and surrender your fate to some “God”, who will really like you — if you confess enough. Then “God” will take over and make you into a good little slave. And God will talk to you in Step 11 “guidance sessions”, and tell you what to do.

So when they say that the 12 Steps are The Answer, they mean “the answer to the problem that you are a sinner”.

Oh well, have a good day anyway.


“Early AA got its ideas of self-examination, acknowledgement of character defects, restitution for harm done, and working with others straight from the Oxford Groups and directly from Sam Shoemaker, their former leader in America, and nowhere else.”

Founder of A.A, Bill Wilson
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age
page 39.

Well, that is a bit of a bugger for all you doctors, psychotherapests, and medical modellers. Scientology runs NARC ANON. They do some good literature too you know. They also do complete life reprogramming and intensive capitalism courses (at least free market advertising…!) in their recovery live in centres. Although I heard one thing in N.A tonight – Someone was suggesting it was good that the programme is not a simple six week, six month or even six year course that is over when it is over.That makes perfect sense to me.

For sure, I can see that having a life long support group and meeting members that become friends for life is awesome. It is the whole reason I was open to try the N.A way in the first damn place.

I just think some people take everything too literally and need to relax the rules and thoughts a little. Maybe try thinking for yourself.

But that is not their way. It is mine.

AND, Oh Bugger…

I have been forgetting to make some more of these… I need my car going. It is hard to get around the greater area to source parts and machine time… Have orders for four. This means that I make $100 on the price of all the materials and have enough materials to make six. Labour kind of ruins this equation, but my labour is free. Of course…

These things are made from stainless 316 and protect your large Ford 1990-2003 with a manual gearbox and a cable operated clutch.

Maybe I was right not to do animation. Maybe I just need to pull finger on designing real world stuff.


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