Cogito Ergo Sum

Here is a PNG file with blank holes for you to insert your own pictures into…


And, below, are some inspirational ideas for you to try, or develop further…


Well, who would have thought? Some of these old time philosophy dudes were clever huh?

If you cast a shadow, you are matter. Therefore you matter. 
(That is not any philosopher, nor even first year student. That is me…!)

That gives me an idea for a video production.



So, what is the point this time NZFiend?

Do I really need a point?

Not particularly I guess.

The more I think of myself, the more I think of addiction. If not adrenaline sports, then drink, drugs, sex, risk taking, even gym, food and work (believe it or not..) Self medicating aside, I admit to having problematic addictions.

That is where the lines get somewhat blurry.

Far be it from me to encourage any addiction-like behaviours, but what the fuck. Seriously… There are some things out there that could be addiction and problematic, but are actually not bad for self or society.

FACEBOOK addiction can be the f ck n worst. You are trying to go out with the kids on a bush walk and your friends missus just has to complete one more Facebook App. Three hours later and the daylight hours are fading and you go and turn the houses power supply off. She gets really shitty and tries making demands about turning computer back on as she was arranging a pizza for later on-line. Or some shit. You hold her arms by her sides, throw her in the car, call it an intervention, and have a good afternoon with the kids.

Another example is someone burning the dinner as they just have to look at one more “liked” post (for two hours). Or being late for bed and cranky at the morning meeting from waiting for some more friends to come online to complete the latest Farmville task.

Blogging has been a known addictive pursuit for some years according to the powers that be. I arrived on this scene late. As yet, am not convinced I am one of those yet. Blogging didn’t over take my life in any way, shape or form. When it does, you will be the first to read about it. Here, on this blog, of course.

So, I have been addicted to something my whole life. Sometimes more than one thing at once.

This leads me to think that maybe you could find addiction in almost all people.

You think about something a little too much, and you become that something a little too much.

Just like that girl, what was her name?… She looked at herself *every* time there was a reflection around. Window, mirror, car bonnet… She was addicted to herself all right. Vanity is not the correct term. She was constantly looking inwards. Even when looking outwards she was looking for herself. This ruined her relationships. Her friends. She competed with everyone to find herself. Problematic addiction to self. Diagnosed.

Thanks mate… That is the point…

Like Paul Ahern, extreme skier. Jumping off a 90m cliff (was rated as 255ft for world record purposes) and breaking his legs, sternum and jaw (his knees hit his face so hard he was knocked out briefly if I remember.,…) He had a flattish landing on hard pack NZ snow. None of this pussy Canadian soft white powder for our mate Paul!

This is taking the adrenaline thing a little too far. Something I can relate to well having spent many a sore moment recovering from my own self inflicted injuries and addictions.


For all those recovery industry writers there is hope. Self improvement addicts could by two of your books at once. One on self improvement, and one on how to recover from it.

I guess you are getting the picture. Or, more than one picture.  Annoyingly.

It is the point where it becomes problematic that is, uer… problematic.

Like me and my car. I am addicted to the damn thing. It is problematic. It costs me all me money. It is a pile of shit. Yet, I still persevere where most, even other self confessed car addicts, would have given up. This has lead to some people giving me great respect. I am beginning to see it as stupid.


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