Wow, one hundred days. And not a key ring in sight for this day. I really want to see my kid. It has been about 79 days. That sucks. Large.

There goes my anonymity…


Not happy. The family court is useless. The lawyers are too busy lawyering to care about the welfare of a fragile family unit.

I have found a support group for guys getting bashed in the ass by a large family court bat. It meets  on Tuesdays. Today is a Tuesday. If ever there was a good excuse not to go to an N.A meeting, it is going to a meeting to make progress on your real life.

I should have given up giving up years ago.

I am powerless and somewhat clueless. And somewhat depressed on a minute by minute basis. This is far from being “serene”. Or even catching a fleeting glimpse of her sexy ass from across the street.

Last time I try and be honest. You think I would have learnt by now – Honesty does not pay. Lying through your teeth for years and years seems to work fine.  Just tell people what the want to hear, tick the boxes and get what you want.


Until you tell the truth.

Then you’re fucked.

Stay on the drugs. It’s easier. I promise you no self harm, no suicide, no sitting in your little cold flat staring at other people have fun on Facebook.



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