Blogging Addiction

Blogging about Addiction vs Blogging Addiction.

B.a.A vs B.A? Hell.

Some authors have admitted to having a blogging addiction. I am struggling to achieve this. With less than fifty followers, and only one real live person who reads past the first paragraph, there is no real “reward path” forming in my synapses with regards to blogging.

I get some self satisfaction (reward) from writing stuff down. This is a time honoured past time. “Dear Dairy” springs to mind. Recovering addicts are told to keep a journal apparently. Lucky I am not one of those. Writing makes my hand sore.

I can type at eighty words a minute. Usually about fifty. Sometimes a hundred. Probably average fourty words a minute hacking away into WordPress. Until the record needs changing on the player, or the coffee needs refilling. Which is plenty. 

I have great respect for people who work in mental health or other governmental areas of slow, or snail like, reform. They publish papers based on excellent research and see nothing come of it for twenty years, or longer. As the 1972 document about drug addiction reform to NZ Government showed in previous posts. It is still ahead of todays time. Fourty years have passed by. And even Canada has not caught up with this left wing report to NZ Government published in 1972.

It makes me want to cry.

It puts me off my social housing design ideas really. Knowing they will go nowhere.

Surely I can do something in the world to help prevent addiction in the first instance.

It is not better to put an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, if all you need to do is put a fence at the top. Our government wants neither. They want police with tazers positioned half way down to shoot you for ignoring the warning signs and put your ass in jail where you are not allowed to vote. Obviously you are too stupid to vote for them. You just fell off a cliff. For fucksake!

I am working at becoming a blog addict rather than using the computer for anything at all social minded. I have finally worked out what this button does on the WordPress kitchen sink – thing2


Wow. Cool. Up until now I was using ALT + NUMERIC KEYS to type extra characters. And that is time consuming. Especially when you never remember the code, so hold down the LEFT ALT key and then push three numbers on the numeric keypad on right of keyboard… Ñ (Alt 165). Since I can never remember which code is which character I sit there for ages typing 140, 141, 142, 143 until I find the correct number.

Well, no more.

No –  I am turning into a proper WordPress Fiend.

I still use the TEXT input for doing some tables and layouts mind you. This proves me a computer addict from the eighties. Damn.

Someone slap me.

No, you might like that.

True. Shoot me then.

Crystal, via her Dreams Dissolve blog has been nominated for an award.

It’s nice, being nominated for an award. This one is particularly good. It is for bloggers with no followers. It makes you feel good. She, in turn, nominated me for the prestigious Liebster Award.

Wow. I am honoured. Who judges the award? When will it be presented? What should I wear?

Some German bloggers are laughing their collective arses off at me right now. Leibster means “Dearest”. The original graphic went something like the I love NY t-shirts – Liebster Blog Award

or, in other words – DEAREST BLOG… A rather similar thought to “Dearest Diary” which every school kid knows as the beginning of a rather long and self centred rant about the state of their secluded and dull life. Before addiction sets in, of course.

So, this award is a non award. There is no appearance on MTV, no glittering gown, no obnoxious English presenter to tweet about.

It is, however, fun.

And keeps those who are not too sure about their blogging addiction coming back.

Keep coming back. It works if you work at it.

Although, I am not sure it will ever work for me. Just click here.  That deserves a bloody award. Many of them.



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