Ward 27 meeting tonight.

Tradition Eleven of Twelve….

11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.
I guess this means MaryJane Thomson revoked her membership. Straight up. Hahahah. Have since talked with a few people whom I recognised from her book. They all take issue with how they were portrayed. And yes, I was 100% correct on whom all the people were. Even though they don’t know me. Well. Not really know me. You know.
I know.
They know.
MaryJane “knows”.

WARD 27 (mental health “locked ward”) Narcotics Anonymous meeting tonight.

Was hoping to get some feedback on this entirely simplistic A3 print out before I go and get it printed.

27_test 27_test_b


Have been sending the files to the graduated N.A fellowship member chick on Facebook. But she has more important things to do. Like clean house and go to the park. The park may not happen. It has started pissing down here in town. Give it ten minutes and it will hit you too.


So, anyway. 11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion. Hmmmm.

I wonder if I am breaking this tradition. You know what? In order to carry the message and in the unstated tradition that the fellowship is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the addicted populace (I made that up to be honest, but it works for me) we need people whom are in the ward to actually know it is on.

I would also like to make a couple of little flyers for the staff so they have a bit of insight into what happens at a meeting.

In this day of YOUTUBE, we really should just video a short meeting and put it online. Much less scary then.

WOW. Thanks N.A.

You have given me some motivation back. Either that or it was yesterday – being able to go to the rubbish tip, run around doing chores and talking to people without constantly looking for a chair to sit on or somewhere to lean. Pain killers of the strong opiate variety are my friend. I took one lousy morphine pill and a anti inflammatory and although not running a marathon, nor doing anything too strenuous, I was able to participate in things that I once considered to be the process of having a normal life.

I drove, I loaded car with rubbish and scrap metal. I went to metal recyclers, I got $60 for scrap metal and batteries. Went to pick a part, took some car parts I need, purchased a cheap second hand tyre for my other set of mag wheels so I have the option of legal tyres (always good when the police are constantly wanting to bugger you with their batons) and then went and spent two hours discussing air flows, aerodynamics, thrust and manufacturing  complications thereof for the design of octo-copter. My friend, since our first discussions, has progressed mightily on this project whilst I have been doing nothing for the last few months. He has a fully flying octo machine (which he crashed in a cross wind on Sunday and broke arms off…)

I have a design forming in my head for a cheap, almost mass production, model without the strength and aerodynamic wastage of the lazer cut polycarbonate frame design. More later. Patents Applied.

I have to cut a quick sign for the tattoo shop in Newtown and go check out my dead sisters storage locker.

I am currently sitting at computer with no pants on thinking about coffee.

I have an hour to get a sign designed and made.

Lucky the NA logo is so simple to replicate. That poster (above) took thirty minutes whilst doing other stuff. And yes, I did do the logo from scratch. None of the ones online where big enough for an A3 print.



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