Last nights mental health ward N.A meeting was…

Long and hilariously fun.

That is an odd way to describe a N.A meeting. Thankfully none of the hardliner N.A people showed up. It was a crazy meeting. And what better place to hold a crazy N.A meeting than a ward designed for the sole purpose of confining people long enough to dose them up with dodgy drugs and take observations of their subsequent behaviour??!?


We had a couple of shockers last night.

We ended up have two completely different meetings, following no real format nor structure. Had some brilliant discussions. Even once managed to squeeze drugs and addiction into the subject matter. 

Bloody brilliant. If I wasn’t a drug fiend with absolutely no respect for the world or others whom occupy it, I could have been a nurse. But that would have just pissed me off long enough to want to be a doctor. Coz I know better than them already bro.

Yesterday, real life.


Finally started working the disk brake re-design idea. Seems to work fine. Slow and expensive mind you, but if I sell a few it may just pay for some machine time to make some more. You never know. The idea is that the slots cut into the surface allow the gasses to escape, along with debris build up, and increase braking performance and disk cooling.

I have had these disks on my car for years, but at $400 a pair they are not all that cheap. So, now making my own. For more like $200. And the pattern for the Fiends Fabricated Fast Finish disk (FFFF, or 65536.6 of course, disk) looks way nicer (and works more scientifically) than alternatives… The FFFF Disk may make a noise like phisst phisst phisst phisst as the wheel turns. But with the outside edge tapering off, I am hopeful to avoid that.

Here is an example of a Mercedes brake disk with a cut away to show the inside….


So, could be a good thing. who knows? Now all I need is a bunch of wrecked cars with good disk brakes so I can start refurbishing them and buying machine time and a whole box of metal cutting bits

Yesterday afternoon was kind of good really. Spent the afternoon in my old punk friends workshop playing with lasers and other computer controlled machines.

Nothing is simple in the world of TnT design work. Nothing. 

To do the perspex sign for the tattooist in Newtown I had to find the damn plastic, draw the shape and cut it on laser number one which takes material 2.4 x 2.4m. Then, to put an embossed burn into it for logo purposes (have found that you can put LED lights along the edge into drilled holes and the sign will light up only where the engraving is) I needed to use this other machine.

The other T (we have the same name, hence TnT design…) had said previously that it was a piece of piss and “no problem” etc etc etc. Until I start to put the work into it. Then it is more a case of “uhm, I have not actually tried it to do that. But… Uhm… if you want to start pulling it apart, it might work…”

FUCKEN HELL MATE. Am I really going to start pulling apart your machines worth tens of thousands of dollars to edit them for my own jobs that I am doing for free in the first place?

Guess I am then. Brilliant. Hand me that tool box…

Got it going. Found you could pull the front cover off, and thankfully the laser would still focus about 10mm past it’s optimal focal range and we burnt a nice logo into the plastic. Came up with some nice idea’s about doing branding on human skin. Hmmmm.,…

Then had to pull apart another machine and bandsaw a great hunk of alloy off a structural part in order for the machine to fit over another design I am hoping to make. “T” drew the line at me drilling massive holes through his extruded alloy machine bed in order to weld alloy rods through it. I have to invent a cradle that bolts to the table. Damn him!

Have also invented a computer controlled tattoo gun. Just for the record. If anyone else starts doing it, you owe me 15%. Thank-you-very-much

In typical ADhD fashion I originally went out there to design a eight rotor helicopter body and work on a large scale vac former we have been making since before my sister died. Progress has been slow to say the least.

So, that is a good day

in the life of ex junky benefit bum it is amazing. Lucky I have ADhD. Without that I would sit at home reading books whilst watching Jeremy Kyle, Friends, Everyone Loves Raymond and Oprah re-runs.

Thank god for ADhD. May he be laughing his collective arse off.


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