Oh shit. No f ck en way. A fifteen year old teenager who can bloody well sing and write pretty awesome songs (in a pop kind of way) from New Zealand goes and calls her album PURE HEROIN. At least she put an E on the end.

Lorde Heroine

Lorde” is really Ella Yelich-O’Connor (born 7 November 1996) and is definitely not a drug addict. But she did write and sing the song Royals.   http://www.lorde.co.nz Seriously good music,  for a girl anyway. If I didn’t like old NZ Punk music so much (and wasn’t old and boring) I would like Lorde. What the hell, I like her anyway. Even though some people do say her eyes are too far apart. WTF?!

You can see Dwayne from the shop down the road in this video actually. Good man, good music.

It is not only the addiction recovery industry that is booming.

It is the addiction industry itself.

She is such a nice looking young girl. And then she dresses in black, black eye make up, puts on a junky gothic pose and takes photos for her upcoming album and publicity photos.

Not an official graffic – This is something I did for the hell of it. Just coz she is a New Zealander too. So, we all claim her.

Lorde Heroine

WTF. Seriously people?

Someone tell this girls parents to keep her home and out of that damn recording studio.

Look at Marianne Faithful. Poor thing.Marianne Faithfull.jpg Not only was Marianne hot and somewhat vulnerable, but she had to put up with NZFiends Dad recording her at a young age. This may be the reason for her subsequent stupidity. Look at me. I put up with my Dad too. And look how stupid I am. Class A nuts.

Or, more accurately, try Hollie Smith – really. Click that link. Another flash as hell NZ singer songwriter who was the next big thing.

Or try… Well. Actually, no. Wait there Mr NZFIEND.  There are many many… Am quite sure you don’t want to share their names really……. Uhm… Stories. *NONE* of which involve artists falling over, ending up in jail, rehab, mental institutions, living on the streets or drugs. Far from it. Never.



Steady as she goes… Steady as she goes…

Progress is steady as she goes. There  is a lot I should be doing, but very little I feel like doing, or am actually required to do. Filling voids of time is a complicated matter that results in boredom and sense of loss, or a nagging feeling I should be elsewhere, doing other things.

Have to just have a deep breath, centre and do something silly… Like spend more than a few hours at home, cook a meal and watch the news.

Normal boring stuff that people get fed up with. Feeling able, and achieving, such a level of boringness without actually being bored is my serenity. For today.

I seem to be okay today. Who would have thought? No need to sit around claiming to be an addict when I am only pretending. Today.

And no lousy paracetamol or anything today. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. This, in itself, shows that I am not, currently, a drug addict.

Life was not meant to be lived off your face on drugs. Real shame you can’t prove this to kids. They will do it to themselves anyway.

Good luck to them


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