The capitalist trickle down effect…

For years I have been listening to capitalist scum tell me what I should be thinking and that I should be consuming more. They say that as the rich get richer, companies expand, employ more “workabots” etc etc etc.

At a real young age I worked out this is all bullshit. They need unemployment to make the system work. Without unemployment everyone would ask for a wage increase. The cost of living has been overtaking the actual real take home pay of workers for decades. The biggest problem in the world is the gap between rich and poor. Yet the problem is constantly getting worse.

And the people at the top of the tree look down and see smiling workerbots looking back up.

Those on the ground, looking up, are smiling as they see nothing but arseholes.

The trickle down effect is complete garbage.

Unless you want good cheap cars for parts. Good cheap push bikes for parts. Or good cheap clothing from op shops. 


I am the centre of fashion week in my ten year old cut jeans, kids hoodies from the late nineties and cars from early 1994.

In twenty years I will be retro. Cool even.

Little do they know I have owned all the stuff “brand new” as originally found in the junk pile outside the clothing bins.

Beggars can’t be losers.

New Zealanders. We’re a talented bunch. Universal Music should just buy the country. Probably do a better job than right wing politicians.


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