Life. It’s okay really. Humour even.

Hell, I don’t mind life at all really. It hates me, but I am okay with it some of the time.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Angry Bird shits on Gilmour

Uhm, yeah. Well… Check that out. It, prey tell, is an Angry Bird ™ laying a big sloppy bird shit on the Gilmour name.

Check out how similar it is…


Wow, cool. How neat. Loving it.

I am cheering up already. I was doing this on my third cup of coffee this morning. As I was fixing some spelling in the last published post as it happens. Multi tasking. Good.

In the tradition of getting crap done to myself in painful circumstance… I present to you…

. Something that I will have trouble explaining to anyone other than readers of this god damn horrible blog over the last few days….,…..


Yeahp yeahp yeahp.

No Photoshop in sight. Tattoo by Sarge, Wellington, New Zealand 23 9 2013.

And that cheered me up immensely. Seriously happy for a short period of time. And then a guy texts me at 6:45. He is on his way to the N.A meeting in town and wants to give me a lift. He is right outside my building. The meeting starts at 6:30, so we are already late. We both go.

Unlike us, neither of us share. So, I have  not said “I am an addict” for quite some time. Proud of that actually.

More proud of not getting in trouble, causing fights, running anyone over, or laying on a railway track. All of which I am quite capable of.

Very happy with helping out the new comers whom are struggling with giving up. I don’t toe the N.A line entirely I admit. But I am positive about it. Told the struggling kid who has just given up 50mg’s of methadone a day to go buy some Loperamide. Fair enough too. He has done 13 days now. And he looks like I did at that time. 

Poor kid.


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