Socialisation, not dislocation, leads to addiction!

STOP THE PRESSES! I have been harping on about how being “disassociated”, or dislocated as Bruce Alexander would say, creates addiction difficulties en mass. After spending a bit of time with some teenage boys lately it reminded me of a couple of points.

The major one is that kids will experiment. They do so as groups. They KNOW that smoking is bad, they do it anyway. They KNOW drugs probably aren’t long term brilliant career choices, they experiment anyway.

I heard one kid say “I’m going out for a suck on a smoke”.

I misheard and said “What, mate? You’re going outside for a shot of smack?”

They looked astounded. They then started talking about how “that shit kills you” and that “at least smoking kills you slowly” when I pointed out smoking would probably result in similar. The fact is that lung (or other cancer) along with emphysema and other breathing related issues is probably more unpleasant than having heaps of smack and spending a few minutes stoned off your face before your heart wanders off towards utopia and forgets to pump blood around.


The “WAR ON DRUGS” is actually working after all. But only for short periods during certain age ranges. Even these kids think the “war on drugs” is a complete crock. They know it, they actually think America is crap because of it.

Harry Jacob Anslinger

Henry Anslinger. Cock sucker of highest order

America, with the capitalist ideals it promotes, should be more forward thinking. America is alienating a majority of white western people, surely but slowly. Whole generations of kids are growing up having to hide their cannabis use and sneak around and get involved “with the wrong crowd” in order to do so. All due to some dickwad called Henry Anslinger, I reckon.

So, this “WAR ON DRUGS” like the wars on TERRORISM, COMMUNISM (and a few other ‘isms) is alienating people. Fighting terror is fair enough. But try doing it within your own borders. As soon as you go kill ten school kids by accident, you create hundreds of really pissed off locals that hate America. Very clever actually. Fight a war that is only ever capable of increasing in size.

This is, in my own head and terminology, WAR ECONOMIC GROWTH.

A successful war is never won – you need growth. To feed the growth, in true capitalist free market style, you need more consumers, more productivity, more enemies really.

So, just like we need the unemployed to keep the workerbots wages low, we need potential drug addicted teenagers to support growth of the war on it.

Over inflated seizure figures, quoting statistics such as “there are more people than ever entering rehab” results in more money being spent chasing the illusive drug enemy.

This is good for the economy. Much better for the economy than not creating drug addicts in the first instance.

We don’t have to spend much money looking after drug addicts really. We spend no money at all on them until they became completely anti economic. Then we will simply call them criminals for the sake of it and spend $90,000 a year housing them in jail. Rather than $15,000 a year keeping them on a benefit in society. You see – It’s much better for our annual fiscal figures that way.

These teenagers are classic. As a group they are good free market enthusiasts. They buy PS3, they buy Grand Theft Auto 5. They spend hours each day shooting each other online rather than going and playing outside (where they don’t spend cash and cannot be tracked online) and hanging on the streets engaging in petty crime. They spend what little money they have on gadgets, junk food and overseas currency futures… Uhm…. Just checking if anyone was paying attention…. 

They are good little free market people.

But, as a group… As a social entity in their own right… They are hanging with the wrong crowd. The trouble being – As individuals, THEY ARE THE CROWD. How can you be hanging with the wrong crowd when YOU are the crowd? The crowd is you.

I am not sure on current drug use rates amongst NZ teenagers, but it was always very high. 100% of my friends weren’t shy of drugs. I am damn sure some have not tried it, but I was not aware of any.

So, you need to dislocate from your peers, hang with Mum and Dad and move to a local commune. And hope the cult leader there isn’t some sort of weirdo.


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