So, my back was sore…

But not as sore as that rodents spine was after being slammed by the trap like that…

I had some good thoughts to post here yesterday, but the internet was down. Along with my phone. Maybe the Wellington police did not like some of the searches I was doing for various police stuff ups and corruption. So they were busy bugging my phone and internet and thus denied me service for a while.

Or, I could be paranoid.

I did not use any pain killers yesterday in the end. I walked slowly to Newtown, had a few coffees, visited a few shops and walked home again. Was feeling okay. Ripped through some court paperwork and opened mail with regards to latest criminals charges to land on my desk.

Seems the police have done a shit poor job of investigating and proving their case (hardly unusual that). They want reparation payments, but have not even attempted to prove what the costs are, nor how much. One of their witnesses totally contradicts the others, but there is only one bit of paper of a four page statement. Therefore, I think they were busy throwing out this persons “evidence” as it didn’t support their case, but gave me one page of the four instead of the page about the cost of the damage by accident.

Good one lads. Thanks.

You may have been more help than what you realise. Awesomeness.

Today I went to coffee shop, had slow coffee, jumped in car and took off as I spotted the car park lady approaching. She would give me $350 worth of fines on the spot. Luckily the car is registered to someone else, but that is not the point….

Gave three N.A victims a lift to the airport. There is a camp on in the South Island. Off they went, all smiley and happy. Apart from one guy, whom is amazingly pessimistic about everything. Is quite damn painful really. Poor fella.

“Hey, Mr S, what time is your plane?” says Mr G

“Why, Mr G, my plane, good sir, leaves at 11.10am.”

“Mr S, it is 10.15 now. What will happen if there is a long line of people waiting? We had better hurry.”

NZFiend, whom is entirely used to hurry… “Mr G, we will be fine, besides, no one bothers lining up for shitty cheap JetStar flights…”

“NZFiend, I *am not* on JetStar, I am on Air New Zealand”.

“Wow, you know they are the only company to have ever killed passengers in New Zealand?”

“They have had practise then, and will be fine. I would be more worried about the ones who have not killed anyone yet…!”

“That’s right, besides, it’s someone elses turn to crash.”

The carpark at the airport is long and narrow for dropping people off – Basically one line of traffic in the right lane and a bunch of stopped cars in the left. The line is stopped almost at the beginning.

“Stop here NZFiend, we can walk from here…”

“Nah mate, we’ll be fine… If there is that much of a crush back here the front will empty out…”

NZFiend aims for footpath and says “look, I can just park on footpath anyway…”

You will get a huge ticket, you should let us out here just in case there is no park…”


And there was. Due to people parking too far back and too far forward I parked over a pedestrian crossing so that two other cars could park also. Even the pedestrians saw what I had done and worked out why I had done it. No one had an issue.

I was given a few dollars “taxi money” and argued with a low black tinted windows BMW 7 series to leave first. I won. Even gangsters don’t want to risk playing chicken with a twenty year old dented Ford.

Went back to Newtown and just walked around doing stupid things like buying scented candles, glue, black cherry tomato plants, cheap apples, and a bloody apple sponge pudding.

Purchased the apple sponge pudding for my old skin head mate as decided to go for a visit. He is on 100mg of methadone now and some other pills. Went down his flat and woke him up at noon. Sat around talking shit about Gilmours and Angry Birds tattoo’s, and drugs and blowing shit up. Was really good hour or two actually. Have not seen him for over a month as we usually just get wasted. He is off to visit the Sam McBride asshole next week sometime too.

Made sure he got to hear all about Sam Dyson Cock Inserter McBride. The skin head guy had seen the sign saying “Addict DisServices” too. We had a good old laugh at that and some other choice paint work that we have noticed around town.

Quite motivating actually. May have to buy some paint and get involved!

Found out another mate is crook as hell. Liver dying rapidly. They are giving him all sorts of drugs. The usual western medicine way of giving you extra pills for the side effects of the first ones.

If they just gave everyone a shot of smack morning, lunch and diner, we would not have these issues.


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