Have had a car issue

Today I did a lot of little nagging car things. Started pulling apart various bits of the engine to find why it kept reving high when you come to a stop sign or whatever.

Found a broken shaft that runs through the middle of the throttle. Am amazed it didn’t do far worse than just waste gas at the lights.

Managed to make another replacement for it and put it all back together. Much nice now…

68mm throttle_breakSo, now have the larger throttle, as per the original design change, but have made a shaft with two sides to it again, rather than the one side as per drawings.

Good. Sorted. What’s next?

Guess I should have gone to an N.A meeting tonight. Just can’t be bothered. Have not been working for four months and have managed to throw away all my money on crap. At least I have a new computer, have the internet turned on, have a couple of almost legal cars and some other stuff. But I have no income… I can tell I will be losing sleep over this.

If I had my daughter over the last three months we would have gone on some plane rides or something. Too bad huh?


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