Relaxation is…

Finally meeting a psychiatric professional whom knows what the hell they are talking about and then coming home to fire up WordPress.

Serenity? Not quite. She is still hiding behind the bike sheds with the other boys. I will get a turn one day.


Right now, this is close. Have Marilyn Manson, MOBSCENE, playing real loud and sitting down in front of WordPress for the first time in a while.

Have been putting a lot of thought into ADDICTION PREVENTION, with particular attention to young people. Am drawing blanks. Unfortunately the only real answers appear to be moving to communal living. Which suits me just fine. For my social housing designs. That may or not happen. But then they will just be ignored by all the politicians and “powers that be” anyway.

So, tried to get my car roadworthy test done. Failed. Have a couple of things to look at. Easy enough. If I could be bothered I would fix them right now. The best brake pads are on the other car, which has gone up country dropping the tattooist children back to god knows where.

I was really lucky. My higher power was looking out for me today. I cleaned out the car so the guy who checks the car for the test would see a “nice tidy” vehicle. I found an appointment slip for the meeting with the ADhD psych person. I would have missed the appointment entirely otherwise,


It went quite well. Talked a lot about past drug use mind you. This is quite off topic and a waste of time for me. But she had to put some ticks in some boxes I guess.

Since discovering that having a coffee before bed actually helps me get to sleep…………. Well, who cares?

I feel good someone finally listened and knew what they were talking about. She asked why I was there. I said I wanted someone whom knew what they were doing to kick my ass and give me the insight and the skill to deal with myself.

She wrote down some stuff for me to look up. I was expecting some counsellors or something.

note9Nope. Not counsellors names. Unless they have the most rubbish names known to man.

She sent me home with blood test forms. Fasting for glucose levels… She decided I have too much adrenaline, am anxious and depressed and, more than likely, have more than enough states and traits to be tried on various amphetamine medications. 

Which is kind of shit.

But, if it works. I don’t care, HOOK ME UP. I like crystal meth as much as the next guy. Just for slightly different reasons.

The first, Methylphenidate is spelt wrong. Obviously this is some sort of a test to check my I.Q level.

Dexamphetamine is really similar, but is really called Dextroamphetamine according to WIKI. And WIKI should know. Wiki is the best.

Atomoxetine has been discovered and discounted in this blog already. Mainly due to liver issues.

This psych lady was very good actually. She was worried about my “addict” status and that I have obviously easily become addicted in the past. My only real answer is that “I have been an addict a lot of times because I have voluntarily withdrawn from drugs a lot of times. I know what withdrawal is. I know what addiction is. I know what self medication is. I can promise you that I will not present as a problematic drug user if I just have to swallow a pill every now and then. It’s a supply chain dynamic issue.”

She looked as though she wanted my good self removed forcibly.

Who could blame her? She had spent an hour an a half with me. I tried to get everything out. And failed.

She started putting her hand up like a “HALT” sign made by law enforcement agencies the world over. It works. I am going to have to tell everyone I meet to hold a hand up in “HALT” style whenever they feel like it.

This could work brilliantly.

It could also be a complete pain in the ass.


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