Lorde is NOT on heroin

Okay? Sorted. Her songs are not about drugs. Her mother is a poet of some outstanding ability, and this has rubbed off.

Lorde is singing and writing about pretty normal stuff. In a very clever kind of a way.

Thank you.

Wish me luck.

I am leaving the house right now. In a roundabout kind of “right now.” In reality, I am leaving the house after I make a coffee and drink it, feed the worms in my worm farm and clean my face. Not that I need to clean my face after feeding the worm farm.

I need to clean my face before going to visit the child psych’ guy in relation to getting the hell which is the New Zealand Family Court system off my case.

I am not washing my face for him even. I am washing my face to try and wake up and be fresh. My daughter is going to be there too.

Like animals in the zoo, we are going to be observed.

I am getting nervous.

I should be happy and excited.

I am down and switching off.

Coffee, ice cold face wash and worm farm feeding.




Got back from seeing my daughter. Was really cool. We caught up pretty quickly and was obvious to everyone concerned that all the family court dramas are full of shit.

Apart from my ex (her mother) whom is racing off to her lawyers to try and get the meeting removed from the record.



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