ADhD, left handed… AND AWAKE AT 5am.

So…. The doctors and their head honchos give you a choice of

Methylphenidate , Dexamphetamine or Atomoxetine

You look them up and think Dexmethylphenidate sounds nicer…… Does this indicate you ;
A – Like drugs too much
B -Should have been some chemist nerd
C – Am in serious trouble

And I am left handed. The curse of the devil.  I tell you. Seems like the rest of the world is catching up. Wish I was still asleep. Woke up after two hours sleep at about 2am. My adrenaline / anxiety thing appears to be strong. Or something. Brain not switching off. Need to start selling old car parts. Broke again. Stressed again.

Anyone wonder why people take drugs in the first damn place?

I think I have a clue.



I am sorry to all those whom have found this blog due to searching for LORDE IS ON DRUGS or similar search terms. At least you can now go and find some other NZ MUSIC hidden in this blog which is also brilliant. Or you could even read about some real drug issues for a while. But I know you wont. Thanks for stopping by.

In the last few hours this crap blog has had….

Title Views
Lord prey tell, LORDE IS *NOT* ON HEROIN 21
Home page / Archives 3
Lorde is NOT on heroin 1
The capitalist trickle down effect… 1
Left handedness. A curse from the devil. 1
Enneagram Number 7 or 1. Probably 1. Maybe 7? 1

tank_girls_vs_scatteredA symptom of Adult ADhD they missed—-

Trying to read a book about ADhD and spending more of the afternoon reading tank girl.

Should add that to the DSM-V



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