Damn wind…

Goddam wind last night was gusting through here at close to 200km/h. My hard work growing Feijoa tree’s has turned to a pain in the arse. The largest, which would have got some fruit this year being four years old, got snapped off at ground level and thrown down the road. It was six foot high and healthy.

Am sad. You wouldn’t believe how much losing a decent plant you have put a lot of energy into can effect you.

Obviously if I was not a drug addled retard of some note this losing a tree would not effect me in the slightest.

I am going to go find a large steel spike, stick it in the ground and selotape the trunk back on.

And maybe try to plant some of the new growth from it’s top in the dirt. Sometimes that will start new plants at least.


But do I feel like going and using drugs? 

Not at all.

I feel like going and using drugs when I am bored on a Saturday morning. This may, or may not, have something to do with not having my daughter over the weekends any more.

Absolutely pissing down right now. Was outside in t-shirt, no shoes and old track pants having a bit of a moment with my little tree’s. And the strawberry in the pot on the fence got smashed. It needed to be planted in the ground anyway as was getting root bound, but now it is a distinctly viable betting option that the birds may eat the fruit. Not sure you would find a bookie to take a bet against it.

For some reason the birds couldn’t land on the pot balanced on top of the fence post. No idea why. The bloody things appear to land everywhere else. Even had one try to sit on the window frame of my lounge yesterday. It kept falling off and smashing itself against the glass before finally giving up.

Not sure why the strawberry plant in the little plot gets by unmolested.

But now I am freezing. Soaked, no shoes, draughty little flat and no coffee.

By fixing me, I can then do something for others.

Even if “others” means a bloody tree and damn strawberry plant.


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