Today was a bit ADhD

Goddam. I forgot I had some appointments today. Luckily they rang and rescheduled for tomorrow. Useless.

But what I did do was this… I left the house to go get a stake to hold up the damaged fruit tree. I decided hunger was getting the better of me, so ate the tattooists sandwich on my way past. Noticed his step was untidy. Found some black rubber paint and a paint brush in the back of my car (as you do) so painted his step. Then convinced him to scan in some photos for the sign outside… And then drunk a few coffees….

Then did this….

Then went to meet the nice lady whom does the mental health ward meeting quite often. She is the same one whom seems to have “defaulted” into becoming the manager, accountant and boss of the meeting.

We got there late and found other people there. Awesome.

Unfortunately on the way in, our star pupil from previous episodes was outside having set fire to a few things and telling the world loudly how she had “shot up meth” and was going to take anyone on that she could get close to. When she saw us she said calmly “hey guys, I tried to ring you…” It’s a real shame. I think she is actually just yelling out for attention and help. Deciding to jump off her fragile reality fence right at the moment when the N.A people were showing up is an interesting comment in itself.

I like her. But the police don’t. The sent out many cars, many officers and many grumpy attitudes. I stood and tried to be supportive… But the police looked my way, and you know what I am like with those fuck wits. I entered the ward and left them to it. Damn them.

I really dislike someone else whom was there. Always talking over, never to, you. Always putting you down. Asking questions and then simply saying “forgive me, if I don’t bother listening to the answer”.

What a funny guy.

Funny guy should go try talking like that with psycho chick outside.

Now, that would be fun. I could arrange it.

And Lorde just won the NZ Best Song award. Well done Ella.



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