Four and a Half Months… No drugs…

Who the hell would have thought? Impossible. Maybe. I still think Sam McBride is a complete cock mind you, but other stuff is changing.

I have a little bit of positivity creeping back. Just a little.

Have to stop going to Narcotics Anonymouse meetings.

Some of the idiots there do my head in. Preaching how the programme works, and yet they don’t even say hello in the street. What happened to “we will practise these principles in all our affairs” mutherfuckers?

Anyway, who cares. They are only people. But then they should not look down their nose at me, for whatever reason. I am quite capable of being a real pain in the ass if you really want to play that game.

So, went to the local government department whom seem to like having me over for cups of coffee and discussions about their computer systems and websites. They pay $60 an hour. TAX free. Which is insane. It is the actual real tax department I am giving my valuable and trusted opinions to.

Have now put forward my proposition for the worlds best “child support tax” website. They really should pay me more. I turned the website upside down and converted it into a system whereby I tell it what I want, not it providing me with information. I would have to explain this more carefully. But, never you mind. There were two people there taking notes for me (wish I had that all the time!) and I just had to talk and demonstrate and they wrote and recorded and did everything… Awesome way to work. Just hope more comes of that than will ever come of the input into mental health services in Wellington………

Had the law book borrowed from the library about all things NZ Family Law. It was overdue. Bugger it. Needed to photocopy the whole thing. Damn. Now have a “fine” for having it overdue and still don’t know the first thing about what I should be doing in family court.

So went and printed out the tattoo sign. Put it up behind a bit of plastic I had cut out previously…. And engraved with a sign too…

Well, doesn’t he looked chuffed?! Think he really wants to put some more angry birds on my arm. Although he did pay for the printing of the sign with $20. It cost me $10, but the plastic was free.

To put the sign up I drove 50km looking for my hammer drill for the concrete. I went to Lower Hutt, Happy Valley, my Dads garage, Broklyn… I looked everywhere and then just went to Sarge’s to see if he knew anyone with a drill. I got there and thought to have “just one more look in the car”. Sure enough, the bloody hammer drill was in the car the whole time. It is a two handed mini breaker type.

The sort of size you should not lose. Especially not in a car.

I got $20.

Probably doesn’t even cover the cost of me finding the drill.



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