Rebecca was bullied to death in America recently. We have had three or four of these in New Zealand over the last few years too…

Click here for the “living with ADhD blog” about it…


It is not “what is taught”. It is “what is learnt”..

Unfortunately it is not so easy to say “Step up and blame the parents”… Most children of the age 10-12 are actually getting most of their attachment and behaviours from PEERS not from adults.

We, as society and parents, go and spend too long at work. The age of computers, TV and constant communication have lead young people away from their parents at an ever younger age and into their peers as main behaviour sources.

A bit like the blind leading the blind at this point.

Sounds like one young lady (when standing up for her mother against her peers put downs) is above the pack in these regards, but it is what society is telling the adults is “okay” in the end. Without changing the nuclear family back towards a multi generational “family” or “village” where the local postie knows everyone, the local cop lives in the area and knows everyone, the school teachers hang out at the local park and see the kids in the weekends…. You know… That ideal that the whole village raises a kid. We see it on some English TV shows sometimes.

Unfortunately, the rest of the time (99% of it) there are constant “battles for the fastest car” or “I win, you lose sucker” scenerios played out ten times every hour.

And therein lies a problem.


My problem, however, just for today, is to write an email to “my lawyer” for some of the criminal court matters regarding the idiot Police whom stood in front of my moving car trying to claim I was under arrest (or something). Full of shit, but that’s not the point. Whom is the judge going to believe? A dumb arse cop who ran up the road in front of a car, or the driver of the car whom has convictions left right and centre for similar behaviour in the past? Go figure.

My Mum and Dad were sort of witnesses to the second event (resisting arrest and a bunch of other bullshit) and I have told my lawyer they want to appear and testify on my behalf, but have heard nothing from the lawyer and the court date is fast approaching.



And you know what? I am off to meditate.

At least, my version of it.

I am going to pull the interior out of my 1994 car and find the source of the engine coolant pooling in the passenger footwell.

You cannot help but focus on the task at hand.

One bolt at a time. 



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