Hello, good morning. I am fast approaching five months since jumping off methadone and opiates.  And guess what?

Yes, Sam McBride is still a tosser of the highest order.

But, secondly, since I am out of money I recently put an advert on a local site for any odd little building jobs. This is silly really as my back is stuffed and I cannot even get my shoes on some days.

Someone rung last night wanting a few weeks worth of work done stripping out some dated interior décor and putting in new stuff. I am going out to look at the job tomorrow.

This is tricky, as it will probably lead me to swallowing (key word – SWALLOWING) some pain killers of the opiate variety. Does this ruin my “clean time”?

Get fucked I say.

But, then again. It probably does ruin my clean time. Who the hell cares anyway?

 It is good I own two cars at the moment. I really should go and start pulling the old one apart to find the water leak under the dash…. Not looking forward to that. Should have done it last week. What the hell. You know me…. The good old ADhD excuse…. Present and accounted for.



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