Why do I write the worlds shittest blog?

I write it for me.

Or, so I say.

Really, I write it for the instant gratification I get when the millions of followers I have contact me and tell me what a brilliant guy I am. They tell me that my insights and experience have changed their lives. They tell me I am their guru.

All but three of these followers happen to be completely factitious, of course. 

And those three that do really happen to live in the real world and are not living inside my head may actually contact me from time to time. But even then, the word “guru” or the utterance “thanks for the insights” never seem to make it through their clenched teeth.

It is hard writing the world shittest blog.

You try it.

Flew to Auckland on Jet*. Not bad really.

Completely 100% certifiable psychopathic chicks running the check in, the security and the in flight safety demonstrations. Pretty aesthetically appropriate psychopathic chicks mind you. But scarily psychopathic. Must talk with Proffesor Kevin Dutton about this. Will explain some more once I get back from my appointment with the amphetamine prescription pad owning psych’ lady. Am due there in half an hour. Have a coffee to finish drinking and should get dressed, but just spent half an hour on the phone with Mum about going to Auckland yesterday. I really think she just puts the phone to her mouth. Her ears are purely cosmetic.


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