Angry Birds too.

Angry Birds Tattoo


Uhm, really.

Me, special.

And today is a beautiful day. “You cannot beat Wellington on a good day”(TM). It’s the other 364 days of the year that put you off.

The wind has been worse than normal. Even for Wellington. People are complaining about it. The gardens are all trashed. Tree’s that have stood for a hundred years are gone. And that’s not even counting the two major storms with 200km/h winds. I am sick of it. So is the rest of the town.

And then you have a beauty day like today. No wind. Little cloud. Young people frollicking.

Seems like a good day to throw Kates ashes into the water at Owhiro Bay where we grew up. Luckily her best friends are flying in this morning. What a nice co-incidence.

My higher power had nothing to do with it.


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