I can do bad all by myself

Woke up this morning. About 6am. Nothing unusual there. Had no dreams about my daughter drowning / car crashing / or otherwise dying. That is good. And somewhat unusual.

Had a good day with my sisters friends yesterday. Even thought about going to an N.A meeting, but didn’t. Turns out N.A is becoming a whole little bunch of clique’s. I am watching the NZ All Blacks play Japan on TV whilst surfing the net and I get a text on my phone. This is unusual in itself really. The text is from an N.A guy whom wants to know if I am home.


“I’m coming for a visit”

“Uh, whatever…”

What the fuck does this guy want? He’s not going to start force feeding me N.A literature is he? Last time some church spoonhead came knocking on my door I invited them in, locked the dorr, and tried showing them porn.

Turns out this N.A guy really likes his porn. I told him I didn’t have any.

So he hung around until almost midnight talking loudly and generally just filling in a Saturday evening when we both should have had better things to do. For us, “better things to do” would be consisting of getting really wasted and either nodding off or staying out at pub until Monday (or Tuesday) depending on what drugs we found and whom we found them in the proximity of.

So, was kind of neat he came over really. Turns out he has had a lot of back issues (morphine and opiate addictions) and was in the same place as me with family court too. Turns out we both have a lot of ammunition that we could have thrown, but never wanted to go down that path. Turns out both of us probably should have. Hahahahahah. Whatever. It’s a hard one, when you’re being totally shat on by the mother of your kids and you don’t want to land her in trouble as the kids get too involved. Whatever.


This morning I put TYLER PERRY, I can do bad all by myself on USB and started watching it in the bedroom. Is a pretty shit film, but sort of just what the Doctor ordered after spreading my sisters ashes yesterday. Even got out of bed to play LADI6 LIKE WATER…

Holy crap. Was quite neat having an amp working again last night. Some FLESH D-VICE got pretty loud for a moment or two, along with STICKY FILTH, of course.

And, yesterday morning. Saw these two likely looking characters hanging around Newtown… Right outside the tattoo shop, singing (badly) with a hat out. Right next to the cigarette shoppe. Come on girls. I’M GOING TO TELL YOUR MUMS!


These two are on the Highway to Hell. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go and collect two hundred.

And then, one hour later, in front of the house we grew up in…


Life goes on for me mind you.

Not entirely sure why I bother.


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