Caution : NEW DRUG
Limited by Law to investigational use only
To be used by qualified investigators only

Wow, there you have it. The pills to be taken the same time each morning. An interesting little experiment. The experiment being – How the hell does NZFiend cope with trying to have a life whilst doing these bloody up and down and round and round drugs? It’s something I am struggling with.

Life until now has been a headache of ADhD causing. Stuff everywhere, too many jobs to do, never completing them. Never saying no to anyone, even though I can never get everything done…

And now life is worse. I can actually see the huge amounts of stuff I have to do. And it is not pretty.

And then all I did this weekend was get up early on Saturday, fly to Auckland, fly home, have a nap, visit Mum and Dad, go watch some fireworks, take pulls, have another nap, wake up, take pills, go for a short walk for coffee appointment, have a nap, go for a drive to drop someone home, have a nap, have some food, watch some tv, take some pills, and now typing this into the computer before I go have another nap.

Don’t think I am going to catch up with life at this speed.


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