Am I normal?

I am sitting in Auckland airport. Laughing my ass off so hard people are looking at me. I have track marks in my arms, turns out they are quite noticable… I am laughing hard and can’t stop.

Sally McLaughin…. Slash was paralytic and Nikki was turning blue. Steven helped me drag Nikki into the bathroom, then ran off. The dealer had jumped out the window, off the balcony and gone minutes earlier. I was left on my own with him. I tried to get Nikki into the shower, but Slash came in, saw Nikki and started smashing up the bathroom. I was giving Nikki mouth to mouth andd trying to hold Slash off with one hand. Slash smashed the shower screen and the glass went over us, so I got up, punched Slash and laid him out.

Uhm. Am I normal? That above paragraph isn’t really funny. Unless you have been there, done that a few times I guess.

And even then, not sure everyone would crack up that much…. was laughing so much I cried…….


Fourth floor cancer society lodge. Open doors and little waterfall and running creek sounds all night. Tui birds in flax’s in morning. Got Five or six hours straight sleep. That’s good, most sleep in a while. Sore back is ruining the day…. got security onto me at airport for laying down in sun. So went through security and metal detectors and now hiding under / behind the JetStar chicks desk flat on floor doing back stretches every few minutes. Jetstar girl was nice and moved. Or maybe she just thought the view I was getting was a little too porno.

Plugged phone into the check in computer to charge. She ain’t sussed that one out yet. Hahaha

Tried so hard to get on earlier flight out of this dump. Even told Jetstar aesthetic psychopath chick I would let the passengers pinch and slap my ass if she gave me her uniform. “Uhm, yeah…. nah” she said cracking up and walking off.

Bitch. Catch you on the next flight.


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