NO N.A meeting for a while… No news of daughter.


My daughter fell and hit her head last week. She knocked herself out. She got sent to hospital. She spent the night there having brain scans. Wellington hospital is about half a kilometre from my house. 

Guess what?


She could have died of a brain bleed and I WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN HER OR BEEN THERE FOR HER.

The only reason I found out is that my Mum saw my daughter whilst I was away in Auckland having bruises inserted into veins and getting depressed.

F ck you David f ck face Gilmour and your self centred drugged out bitch daughter whom is the mother of my daughter.

One day I may just break all your arms. Slowly. In a vice. Whilst you recite how sorry you are for saying “I will see to it that you are never a father to this child”.

Sounds fair to me. Hell, you may even see the point to it yourself after a while David Gilmour.

Call it cognitive therapy. Of a specially persuasive kind.

Mental Health Meeting tonight. YAY.

I have not been to an N.A meeting since Thursday. That is five days ago. Have sent a total of about ten texts to people in or from N.A during that period. Have not been hanging out at the tattoo shoppe. Have not had anything to do with anyone. Have not seen anyone, other than passing by and waving or smiling. Although did see one guy driving a truck. I was on one side of road, a girl from N.A was on the other. He tooted and waved (at the girl) and carried on. Typical.

Tonight is the mental health ward meeting at Wellington Hospital. As usual, I am going. Should be the typical wyrd things going on. Think the girl whom was in the ward a month ago is coming too. Oddness will ensue. Am sure. The main mental health ward meeting lady is away in Aussie. Sadly.

These meetings aren’t any good for your own “recovery” but you are there helping others. I saw my neighbour yesterday. Told her I was going home to start cleaning my house. Took a load of washing to the machines and walked back in to find her standing in my lounge freaking out at the mess. Slapped her bum, as you do, and asked “what the hell are you doing here?“… She said “cleaning” and showed me all her cleaning products. We spent two hours tidying and cleaning. A good start. The flat is almost back to how it was when I was seeing my daughter each weekend. Needs another four or five hours to be honest. My neighbour just freaked out and left when she saw the tide mark on the bath, so went to her place and sat there having a good old chin wag. She is an addict too (drink) and ended up talking with her about that for an hour. She told me I should be an addiction counsellor when leaving. I suppose she has a point. Could do worse than doing that a few hours a day and do other things for other parts of the day. That could work.

When typing on computer I sometimes have a window open that sites on top of everything else with music videos playing. This the band whom come from the same Wellington south suburbs as me has just came on…

F ck n A.

Why do I like this track? Why the f ck not. I drive a gas guzzler. Yet it still will cost less to the planet than one brand new Hybrid. So, sorry greens, my four litre inline sixes are staying put.


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