Family Court Paperwork Excerpt

Here is a small sample of paragraph 19 of 40… I am awesome at lawyering. Simply the best.

Due to time limitations of getting my Criminal History report I have arranged for it to be sent directly to *COURT APPOINTED FAMILY PSYCHOLOGIST* at his premises. He should be in receipt of this soon. It will show driving offenses (impulsive actions and anti authority behaviours again. Have I mentioned I am ADHD yet?) ….. I don’t see why the Family Court could not just ring a few floors up and get it sent down directly. Really don’t like, nor care for, courts or lawyers that ride this gravy train. Waste of time and space all of you. If all the court papers were headed DAUGHTERS NAME and not MUM vs DAD we would be on the right path. The whole system is based in controversial technique. If it was all “DAUGHTER and MUM and DAD” it may be a more positive environment. But, it is what it is. Me and Chief Judge Boshier can sit with fingers crossed for change until we die. By the way, has anyone found where Boshier ordered only HE and one other previous judge may act on this case? He clearly said it verbally. Maybe it has been lost somewhere amongst all the garbage, along with my complaints about certain court staff. The black hole of Wellington Family court. Someone reincarnate Newton and let him know we’ve found it. Quick.Yes. I should delete this. Yes, I am a dickhead. Am I open and honest? Maybe too much so.

Maybe I should edit my work before submitting it to the Wellington New Zealand Family Court via the Department of Justice NZ.

But then, who gives a shit about being honest? It’s about time they bloody started!


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