Family Court Paperwork

Has done my head in. Have had frontal lobe headaches, back pain, neck… Have been sitting there rubbing my head an face staring at the crap they pile upon you. Have ended up with broken capillaries in my cheeks and forehead from rubbing them. And then it looks like I’ve been attacking pimples and left a few scabs. AAARRRGGGG. Really does my head in this stuff. You can see why I put it off.

I have not started writing yet. It is 8am and all the paperwork is due by noon.

And I have been up half the night worrying about it.

And now I have to take these drugs that make me fuzzy.




Fuckit. They are going to get their damn paperwork.

The family court is garbage. So my paperwork should feel right at home.

familyreportDon’t you love the way everything the family court does is private? You cannot report on anything in the media. The journalists are not allowed into court. All the findings and orders are secret. Even the report from the child and family psychologist is not to be shown to anyone other than myself.

This protects the court from outside scrutiny and means they can continue to pound fathers asses with large bats.

This then means all the lawyers stay on the gravy train they have carefully crafted and protected for themselves.

Me and my EX just need to be locked in a cell with pens and paper until we reach understanding and agreement.

We do not need endless reams of paper with DAD vs MUM at the top. We need maybe ten sheets of A4 with “OUR DAUGHTER AND HER FUTURE” as the heading.

And people wonder why we develop a complete mistrust of government and authority. Sigh.



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