Homeless people are good too

Here’s a story….

Programmer give homeless guy app coding lessons instead of cash.

Fuck you Wellington City Council and your stupid way of chasing beggars from the streets….

“WANT TO MAKE REAL CHANGE” your signs say… Encouraging people to donate to shelters rather than put a few coins in their hats or jar…

How about programming and real lessons to get on in this stupid capitalist environment you call a city? Just a thought.


Bob was a homeless guy for years living with his dog Chaos in the hills around Wellington Hospital. I met Bob twenty years ago and kept bumping into him ever since. He kept me out of jail once by giving me a $350 suit. Best not know why a guy twice my size had a suit that fitted me perfectly, but who cares? Suit worked. Bob worked.

Right up until the moment he didn’t work any more, of course.

Me and Bob are cut from similar cloth. He was remembered yesterday by a whole bunch of us old druggy, skin, punk, army, rocker, homeless types. Some of us even had suits and could afford to buy a feed for everyone. Two massive old Harleys showed up, put Bobs ashes in a backpack and rode up a hill overlooking Newtown. It is the same hill Bob used to live in the bushes. Just down from where his ashes lay….

After ferrying a few stragglers up the hill, my car was a little low on gas, so the burnout didn’t happen. Although there was a small cloud of tyre smoke drifting over proceedings, it was nothing compared to what should have been. My house is between the trees on far right of photo, Newtown is below trees centre and left.

Here lies Bob.




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