New National Drug Policy for New Zealand

A New National Drug Policy for New Zealand: Discussion Document


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Submissions close 28 February 2014

We are asking for help to shape the National Drug Policy, which sets out the Government’s approach for tobacco, alcohol, illegal and other drugs. Many different government and non-government groups have a role in preventing and reducing the harm these substances can cause. The National Drug Policy brings together these activities, guides decision-making across government and communities and sets priorities.
This is not a first principles review. It will build on the current approach of controlling drug supply, reducing demand and addressing problems. The refreshed policy will provide greater support to families and communities as well as those who misuse alcohol and drugs, and will do more for children living in households affected by them.  
We are seeking your views by 28 February 2014 on the outcomes, priorities and measures that should be included in Government’s refreshed National Drug Policy.

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