White Rabbits, don’t cut your hair

New Year Good Luck Tips according to Feng Shui…

A few important tips can help you increase your luck for the upcoming year.

  • Don’t argue or cry on New Year’s Day unless you wish to cry and argue through out the upcoming year.
  • Don’t use sharp objects like knives (or syringes) on this important day since pointed objects are considered inauspicious. Knifes on New Year’s Day will slice and destroy your good luck.
  • Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and avoid rough patches by not buying any shoes on New Yea’s Day. The word shoes sounds like the word rough, so if you need new shoes, purchase a pair before the holiday.
  • You need to start the New Year off debt-free, otherwise, the you’ll be plagued with bills and more bills throughout the entire year.
  • Serve noodles for the New Year’s meal. The longer the noodle the longer and happier the luck will be.
  • The color red is consider to most auspicious color and brings the biggest and best luck. You’ll want to wear red on New Year’s Day.
  • To ensure you have a sweeter New Year, be sure to eat deserts, candy and other sweets.
  • Don’t get your hair cut during the week of the New Year. If you cut your hair, you’re cutting off good luck. Don’t wash your hair on the first day of the New Year unless you want to wash away all of your good luck.

Pity the New Year according Chinese principles doesn’t start until 31st January 2014. So, kind of ruins doing any of that right now.

2013 was an odd year. Had a lot of downs and up’s. Downs are numerous. Up’s were all made by working through the downs.

Building blocks for 2014 and beyond.


New Years resolutions?

NO, piss off. You cannot change a trait or habitual response in one sunrise. Don’t do it. You only let yourself down.

I did nothing for New Years. Didn’t notice it go midnight… Was sorting through old photos at the time. Found some slightly deviate ones from previous New Years actually…. Hmmmph. I had a lot to say on this post, but now just feel like leaving for a coffee. As per every other day.

Ritalin is good. Ritalin is bad. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Dickens never made sense.


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