No WordPress post for eighteen days. A new record.

Some people at N.A discovered this song, courtesy of a new N.A victim… They, according to her, heard the lyrics and started singing my name in places instead of original lyrics. They had good fun.

Which is fair enough. Good fun to be had with that. And they don’t even read the worlds shittest blog. This blog.

This is how I show my love I made it in my mind because
Blame it on my A-D-D baby

This is how an angel dies, Blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my A-D-D baby

Sail, sail. Sail, sail, sail

Maybe I should cry for help. Maybe I should kill myself (myself)
Blame it on my A-D-D baby

Maybe I’m a different breed. Maybe I’m not listening
So blame it on my A-D-D baby

Sail, sail Sail, sail, sail

You know what? I bet you don’t know what…

You don’t know what. Enlighten…

Females going through any bridge, detox or treatment programme of any nature should be taught to wear non attractive (nor slutty) clothes.
And learn to be happy in them.

And next… Well… Things have been going well in some regards. Creativity is DOWN. Got caught driving, so have no license for another three months. That was funny. Young Police chick started jumping around with her pepper spray. I suggested something along the lines of that if she sprayed me I would get really pissed off and that her stab proof vest and body armour was not covering some vital arteries. “You can bleed out your thigh too love…” may have been thought. Or did I say it? Think I may have said it. This resulted in many Police, sirens, tazer and Glock action. As per normal for NZFiend arrest procedure nowadays.

More Ritilan. Stat.

And then had a good chat to the head police guy. He was behind me for a while. Then talked about old Police chases we had through Newtown twenty years ago and how the drug squad hated me. They are all now fired. They all now work for Tommys real estate. They are still retards.

This was the day before picking up my daughter at 6am to fly to Auckland for the day. She had never been on a jet plane. It was good. Had to ask spiritual advisor to come pick me up at 6am. And she was on time for the first time in her life. Had a good day all things considered.

The expense of going to Auckland all the time is killing… $2500 so far, and counting. By emailing the heads of the companies involved via their social clubs, universities or hospitals, I managed to avoid all the usual pitfalls of getting things done in a Fordist type capitalist environment.


So, by finding all their social or sporting group email addresses, the emails go straight to them. And I got answers within hours. From the inventor of the drug process, to the boss of the multi billion corporation. They want receipts, but they claim “some error was made at lower level” and “on reflection” that good old me should not pay $2500 to be their lab rat after all. They will pay most of it back and virtually all of future expenses.

This is good.

I am now telling people I know to try getting on the trails again.

You can thank me later.

ADHD med’s working. Had counselling session with the mother of my daughter. It was excellent. A decade too late, but okay. My daughter is in Newtown at the tattooists house right now. He has a girl three months younger. They will have been watching pirated movies all night.

I might go pick her up. Finding balance between the effects of pharmacy grade speed and the fun energetic child that is me…. Well… Fun and energetic child is good with kids around. But then boring adult is good when dealing with public with kids watching and learning.

I am so boring.

I am so bored.

But am sticking with it.

Am a bit sad that someone whom I consider a friend ripped me off a small amount of money by borrowing it and then simply avoiding me and then refusing to pay it back even though they owe it fair it square. I am publishing the story all over related business peoples Facebooks and business blogs. As well as ringing up every few hours everyone I can think of whom knows the person and whom has a phone. It is somewhat entertaining.

Do I expect to get a win from acting like this?


Do I expect to get money back after telling the world their Mum is a stealing junky in public?


Am I bored?


Is this filling the day and giving me some laughs?


Although it does hurt that someone I have known for 25 years values all I have done for them so lowly that they would prefer to run and hide rather than front up, say sorry, and hand over a little money.

Their loss.

In many ways. Some I am still working on. All legal…. But a real pain in the ass.


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