Screw you Auckland…..


Can you see this? I pay a lot of money to get crap like this. At least it was only one today. Sometimes they leave four or five.

I do better myself.

No shit.

And I am down to 77.1 kg. Ooops. That’s another 1kg each week for a few weeks. Oops. Damn. Atkins no carbo but heaps of protien will kick in soon. I have frame to build stuff on (….. like muscle… hahahaahahahah ….)

And then JetStar has me booked on 7pm flight home. Even though I was sure I clicked the 1pm. This is second time this has happened. Must double check everything before hitting “buy now” in future.

Six hours with nothing to do but post garbage to this blog could have been scary.

I am bored.

May spend an hour or two phoning, texting and posting more people who may or may not know the person whom owes some money and refuses to pay. Only three hours until plane leaves.

If a brick is thrown through their window in the next four hours you can be sure it is not me…..

Good god. Knock it off……

And here is a family court tale for those in the know.

I am in the know. I hate family court more than I hate being asked to stay on the couch.

But family court has taught me one thing. HOW TO BE LYING BITCH and, like Survivor TV show… I can now, OUTLAST, OUTWIT and OUTBITCH in the most annoying (yet legal) ways possible.

What was Social Security free phone number again? Someone needs to tell them that this person whom doesn’t want to pay me is cashing more than their fair share of benefit payments…….

So shoot me.


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