I once had a boss..

Once upon a time I had a boss… He was a good guy, he would help people out. He would pay them sweet fuck all, give them some ideas and use their skills to create his own business and wealth.

He would help people out.

He would get bitter when the people outgrew the original structure.

He would complain when he saw them with new cars and competing with his business interests.

“I am a big white stepping stone” he would say into another glass of Jack Daniels whilst tapping out another cigarette from his second pack of the day.

A  man whom deserves respect, nonetheless.


All the time I try and help people.

And you know the difference between me and my old boss?

I, if still drinking, smoking and drugging, would spend my days lamenting on the fact that the people I have attempted to help have not moved on. They are still the same. They say all the right things, but do nothing.

In a way, I envy my old boss.

Someone should help him to see it.


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