We don’t want to waste our time… And a new Police story.

We don’t have much time to speak our minds,

I don’t want to waste my time,

Before my shadows fall into my grave…

Grim. But fair. Dear Blog, have been meaning to write a proper post for weeks. Have not done so.

ADHD meds vs ADHD creativity. Is sorting itself out slowly. Life is insane. My life can be very. At least I own some of the decisions that made it this way. The world does not fuck over NZFIEND because it sucks. The world fucks over NZFIEND in direct mathematical response to something.

These things are not always logical.


Have had some interesting yarns to spin recently. But have not put fingers to keyboard. Have been hope lass. So to speak. This tale starts something along the lines of…..

Long, long ago, in a land far far away….

Oh for godsakes, screw me…. Okay, starting again….

Last week, at my house, I bumped into my neighbour. This is not unusual and did not draw any attention other than to leave us chatting on the path for a few minutes.

These few minutes were well utilised by the otherwise thick as pig shit New Zealand Police.

They have been chasing me around a little recently. Once they rang me and said “we know you’re not at home…..” and I was whispering back because I was at home, watching them through the peephole. It was answered as they (no matter how dim) would soon hear it ringing in my pocket through the door… They then stayed outside the door and asked workers on the building if they had keys for my door. This is 100% illegal and against the law. If they did let themselves in via such a manner they may have found some pretty powerful builders tools plugged in with me sitting behind the on switches. Just saying. If they enter my house illegally with electric weapons (tazers) I think NZ law justifies myself in using proper protection techniques by displaying and using similar force. Good luck in court if you try it. Ring me. Let me know.

So, last week the Police used the time I sat outside talking to neighbours to go around the back of the units I live in and peep in the windows. When I walked back inside to pick up cellphone the front door got filled with six or seven flak jackets, two of them over bulky uniforms and four or five remaining ones over suit wearing detectives. Five or six males, one female.

I honestly had no idea what the fuck was going on. SEARCH WARRANT, states one suit near the front hiding behind two bigger members of the New Zealand Pig force. YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR ASSAULT WITH WEAPON WITH INTENT he continues to say before pushing me through my own house.

FUCK OFF says I, in one of my better impressions of being upper class English Royalty.

NO, SERIOUSLY says pig in suit with flak jacket.


YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, PUT YOUR FUCKEN HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK says another pig. Who turns out to be quite intelligent. But at this point is making the most of impersonating a stupid big piece of shit.

HEY, YOU DUMB BIG PIECE OF PIG SHIT, says me, losing the upper class accent and reverting to Wellington New Zealand style of speech pattern….


FOR FUCKSAKE. YOU ARE FUCKEN JOKING. PISS OFF. So saying, we kind of act out a stupid little game of “I am not giving you my hands, as I don’t want to be cuffed” via “give me your hand as you need to be cuffed as we, the NZ POLICE, have on record that you exhibit extreme amounts of violence towards Police”.

As usual, I give them one arm (which keeps them happy for a while) and then keep the other hand out of the cuffs for some time. This once went on for ten or twenty minutes and resulted in one Police guy breaking his hand by punching a fence. He was probably aiming at me. But my face was no longer where his fist was. This was very funny.

Now I am cuffed. Legally speaking they had this right as they had “arrested” me on committing a crime (assault with weapon – hahahaahah, fucken take that to court you idiots. Good luck to you to… You would not get a better work story out of that one… You would fail. Hard. And look mighty stupid in the process) 

They start searching. They walk straight past a pile of piles, potions, ointments… In the pile are probably twenty types of pills. Some labelled, some not. Some over the counter medicines, some not. One pig walks straight to a little stash of my ADHD drug and “finds it”. Interesting. I know these drugs (and some opiate pain killers I got prescribed, but didn’t take many of) are items people will steal, so I hide some in different places. These pigs knew where to look.

My old drug dealing days taught me a few things. If the police go straight to your little stash, you know damn well someone has been stealing from your little stash and that this someone has been in direct discussion with the pigs about it.

I was taken to the station. I spent the whole day answering questions and chatting away with some old tales of Police stupidity. It was fun actually. I should thank the idiots whom have told the Police I was dealing class B controlled drugs. But I won’t.

Someone said I administered the drugs I.V to them. Someone said I attacked them with a knife. The police were very interested in courier packages bought in from overseas. They had a search warrant for “TICK LISTS”. What the fuck? You idiots. Even when I was dealing there was never, ever, not once, a tick list. NEVER.

They had a search warrant for ADHD meds, pain killers, cellphones, cash, scales…. etc etc etc. They took away all they found of the Ritalin and Opiate based substances. They took away a few things that weren’t on their “taken item” lists later in the day. I know what else they took. They don’t even know what they took yet. Will be interesting explaining away why an old opiate addict who hates opiates has a small stash of Sevredol (20mg morphine sulphate), Codeine, and other such opiates…

As the filthy boys in blue (or pin stripe suits in this instance) took away my medications, I had to pull out one of the spare controlled drug prescription pads I keep under my pillow and write myself some more.

HAHAHAHAHA. That was on their search warrant – Prescription pads and illegal controlled drug prescriptions. Idiots. Like (A) I would keep those at home when there are many storage lockers within 20 feet that I have access to and they know nothing about and, therefore, have no legal authority to enter, search or play peekaboo in… (B) In this day and age of computers and individually numbered controlled drug prescriptions, DO YOU REALLY THINK A CHEMIST IS GOING TO GIVE ME CONTROLLED DRUGS WITHOUT CHECKING NUMBERS ARE IN SEQUENCE, THE FORMS ARE NOT STOLEN, THE STAMPS AND AUTHORISATIONS ARE VALID ***and*** THE COMPUTER COPY IS SENT THROUGH VIA THE MEDICAL COMPUTER SYSTEM (which I don’t have access to)

 Although the police searched a lot of places very well, they did not search many others. They did not find a knife matching the description of so called assault, even though it was in plain view – next to my pillow on bed. They did find a very similar knife next to the front door. They did not find a small stash of benzo’s, and did not find a lot of stuff. They found what they came to find, copied all my USB sticks and phone data (and possibly computer and gmail accounts) and left again.

The young gentleman whom arrested me same back to doctors and spent some time explaining to the good Doctor that he had taken all my pills and shot them up with his pig mates back at the station. The Doctor told the police off for not using clean syringes to inject all NZFIENDs drugs and wrote me out replacements.

NZFIEND got let out on his own terms.

I am a man of my word. If I say that these vindictive bitches whom try swapping sex for drugs are safe from me even though they deserve their hides peeled from their backsides… Well… They are safe from me.


Not on my life.



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