Poverty or life?

Had a good discussion with a leading addiction provider at the Addiction Leadership Day last week. Bought up Bruce K Alexander Globalization of Addiction etc in response to him asking the Government delegation questions in relation to poverty creating addictions.

This morning is a beauty day in Wellington. You cannot beat it on a good day.

Riding bike along, coffee in one hand, headphones on. Listening to FLESH D-VICE just as I ride past the shop owned by one of the band… How does that happen? Of three thousand songs on RANDOM PLAY, that happens.

Co-Incidences – be surprised when they DON”T happen. Not when they do.

A pedestrian (probably from overseas) stopped suddenly in my way, which meant me diving for my brakes. As usual, coffee is in left hand. So right hand went for brake, and SNAP – front disk brake cable snapped. Had time to say “SHIT” before running into her. She took all blame, I was so sorry, I took all the blame. We each took all the blame.

I rode off thinking she used a little too much “CK OBSESSION”.

I rode off thinking if I was rich there would not have been a dodgy brake cable and the potential of a serious injury crash.

I am not in poverty. I cannot blame that for the brake fail. I can blame myself. And my attitudes towards convention, risk and fore thought.

Now, whom to blame for these character traits of mine?…….


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