Being in pain a long time ruins you.

You fill out forms such as “how much pain are you in right now on a scale of one to ten” with a two. Five would be unable to walk. Ten would be dead.

Pain is relative.

Pain is not entirely a bad thing.


According to this graphic any efforts to forget my constant chronic pain via getting tattoo’s constantly is an up hill battle.

Luckily the graphic does not have a three dimensional overly with BOREDOM. The cognitive effect of constant pain is debatable. Release from it for a while is bliss.

Am now finding that the effect of constantly having a tattoo healing on your forearm has behavioural effect too. Simple things such as leaning on the wall to go for a piss have to be handled differently. The direct pain and irritation recedes after a day or three. But you feel as though you need to protect the area for quite some time.

A new heavily inked tattoo every three days may cure many. Cure them of what? Good question.



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