“Working in concert means co-operative collaboration in harmony”

 “Working in concert means co-operative collaboration in harmony” – NZ FIEND 2014.

Well, I said that in a completely different environment, but applies here – http://recentitems.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/death-metal-vs-classical-piano-an-algorithmic-musical-composition/ …. Too bad, nice theory. Pity that white noise sounds better.


“Hey, just looked at phone. Guess saying GOOD MORNING seems stupid then….”

Young guy whom reminds me of me at a younger age text. Said something along the lines of going through bad withdrawals (again) off some sorts of benzo’s (again) probably combined with drinking (again) and a bunch of other (agains).

Typical. Predictable. Sadly so. Sam McBride and those fuckwit god like people at the “Addict DisServices” will be so busy saying “I told you so” that they will forget to offer any alternative support, care plans, detox programmes… Sam will be so busy laughing at his own greatness that he will even forget to follow his own departments legal protocols in such matters (again).

The whole Addiction Services will then push and pull and,… Do sweet fuck all (again).

But, you know what…

Selfishness would dictate that a “recovering addict” like me should not get involved at risk dragging themselves down.



Fuck all you lazy addicts. Let’s get a concert going.


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