LORDE IS NOT ON DRUGS. But the guy who bet her at the teenage talent quest is…

LORDE IS NOT ON DRUGS.  But the guy who bet her at the teenage talent quest is…

But, then again – Isn’t everyone? FOURTY PERCENT of New Zealand houses test positive for crystal meth’ contamination. FOURTY PERCENT.

Maybe they should start testing the remaining SIXTY PERCENT for traces of needle use…..

Not an official image, just something I did when bored going through opiate withdrawal....


Lorde is not on drugs.

She suffered a bit of normal human burnout and postponed her tour. She did not end up face down in the toilet after using some dodgy Australian smack. I promise.

But this guy, who won the teenage music talent competition ahead of Lorde, is…jesse

Yes folks, this guy – 17-year-old Jesse Murray – is on drugs. He admits it, he is trying to do something about it. And to get any proper help he has to race off to the media. This is sad. Most people don’t want to go to the media.


If we did not have a huge recovery industry that makes people think “recovery is possible” then a lot of people would not have nice European sports cars and gold watches with diamonds in the middle. Recovery pays some people very well.

I know I have been harping on about this for some time, but we need more of a HARM REDUCTION and SOCIAL CHANGE policy.

RECOVERY has just been added to the U.N charter on drugs (which, rather than the Americans “WAR ON DRUGS” is brilliant, but still thirty years behind the original 1970’s NZ Government report on drug rehab policy!)

Sorry Jesse, your story is annoyingly similar, sad and sympathy inducing. It is annoyingly the same as tens of thousands of other New Zealanders. I hope Campbell Live, TV3 and the country watch as you fail to give up.

I hope we see all the sweating. All the jumping around out of your brain. The self harm. The stress.

I hope we see all this.

But we won’t.

For you have got something most of us don’t – Help from people with empathy. People whom may edit your withdrawal down to thirty second sound bytes. 

I really hope you fail and stay on the drugs.

If you get clean now, in front of a million followers, all you are doing is showing young people that is okay to get totally fucked up. They, too, can join the recovery industry.

I am just jealous. I have no gold watch.

While most looked forward to Easter and having time off, those addicted to synthetic cannabis were dreading it, and shops being shut bring on a whole new meaning of needing a legal high fix.

Footage emerged over the weekend of a queue outside a legal high store in Palmerston North – filmed just before midnight on Good Friday and posted to the Campbell Live Facebook page. The footage shows a large queue of people, desperate to buy legal highs.

Campbell Live reporter Sarah Stewart checked in on 17-year-old Jesse Murray, who has been battling his addiction to synthetic cannabis. He is home with his family after weeks sleeping rough, but still needs to smoke a joint before breakfast every day.

A drum kit is the only thing Jesse owns, as he’s sold everything he can get his hands on to fund his synthetic cannabis habit, and now he’s home, his four younger siblings are wary.

Jesse tried to quit after his mum found him, but after suffering severe withdrawal symptoms he went to A&E for the 14th time.

His mother Erika Perkinson says that after doing 30 hours without synthetics they were told he’d need to reuse before he went into detox so they can see how the chemicals alter the way his body functions.

The hospital can’t comment on Jesse’s case but says that would not be standard advice.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne spoke to John Campbell on why help is so hard to find for addicts like Jesse.

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Update-on-Jesse—where-is-the-help-for-addicts/tabid/817/articleID/341079/Default.aspx#ixzz2zkMZFQVG



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