I am a real Dad…

Had my daughter for the longest period ever. Tuesday through Sunday. Was quite awesome. Ran out of money (on my budget that is easily done – with my money management it is a certainty) and had a few words about her wanting four dollar fizzy drinks. The next day we worked out we had only spent $15 – Milk, Sausages, Chips to go with our Fish caught off the wharf – and the last day we spent ZERO.

She was proud of helping Dad and spending no money. She actually learnt something about money (or, more accurately, lack thereof… Sans Money. Sans Money Fun. It’s a new term. Use it. Use it a lot.)

I am a real Dad.

I spent hours upon frustrating hours combing and picking through her long mouse blonde hair.


Holy shit.

I am a real Dad.

I cooked. I cleaned. I did stuff. I even forgot to take the nerve pain killing drugs before going to the PAIN MANAGEMENT centre at the regional hospital. Got told off by this old English shit whom doesn’t care for me. Nor me for him.

caudiaHe was more concerned about ADHD than pain as he put all my issues down to my ever present Cauda Equina Syndrome. My lower three vertebra have not moved in years and that little disk between them is… Well… Let’s say – fucken large, sticking out, causing problems….. He could be forgiven for thinking all my pain was due to this I guess.

Until I forced upon him, by using various swear words and very non Ritalin based ADHD behaviours (well practised) that ACC would not help me due to the label “DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS IN THE SPINE

Now this opens up a whole new world.

A world of epidural insertions and months of pain mitigation without reliance on opiates or other substances that would obviously result in me turning to crime, prostitution and becoming a communist……. (!)

Left the appointment quite happy. Some sort of progress. Some sort of alternative treatment. Some sort of say in my own processes.

Something the god like wankers at CCDHB ADDICTION SERVICES would do well to take note of.

Even if they do shoot the messenger.


Just took a test as entry requirement to do some 600/700 psych papers. Got one question wrong. Turns out, after explaining a relatively confusing theory by some German psych guy, that the question asked something along the lines of “The theory of (blah blah blah) and (blah blah blah) would not equate to (blah blah blah) and (blah blah blah blah)…

Of course, the tricky part was noticing the world NOT equate to hidden in the question cleverly. Much more cleverly than my rather crap example. This test was written by a clever guy. I can tell. I know clever when I see it. I admire it. Along with empathy.

Almost got another question wrong. But, last minute, swapped answers. PHEW.

A graph shows BOYS and GIRLS results from a simple test. The questions appear straight forward and almost got me stuffed —

the boys results were in pink

the girls results in blue

Clever bugger whom came up with that test! Wrote “girls in blue, boys in pink” in a stupid serif font in some obscure place on the graph. Amongst other labels showing other non essential data.


You have scored 96.2% 26/27 and required a minimum of 75% percent. You qualify to enrol in the psych papers requested….. Blah blah f;ing blah….

Not sure doing those papers is such a great plan.

Life, I need to do something with it.

Eternal studenting is possibly a wrong step.

God, grant me the stupidity………..


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