Uhm. Define.

NZFIEND thinks of “WE” as a collective group of similar people…

Psych people may add everyone up and find a medium. Or maths people may aim for a bell curve.
Let’s not get too complicated and ask me to define “Similar” 

NZFIEND thinks of “FREE” as the opposing of “ADDICT“.

Addict is to be a slave to a master. Addiction could even be part of a conditioned response to the stimuli.

Free is to be without owing.

Being able to just BE.

And, NO . . . _ _ _ . . .

“WE” are most definitely, NOT “FREE”

Not by a long shot.

Not whilst capitalist masters keep us as slaves. We are but “Good economic units” – Just ask John Key.

We feel that our approach to the disease of addiction is completely realistic, for the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. We feel that our way is practical, for one addict can best understand and help another addict.

We believe that the sooner we face our problems within our society, in everyday living, just that much faster do we become acceptable, responsible, and productive members of that society.

– Capitalist Anon, from the “How It Works” reading

Stop being addicted to anything other than capitalism.

If only LORDE would become PUNK. And not that horrible version of Nirvana All Apologies! 




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