Addiction and / or Mental health? Physical treatment

For years I have been complaining, and listen to others similarly, about the state of CCDHB – Capital and Coast District Health Board – Addiction and Mental Treatment Services. I stole this posts title from Just coz I can

Labelled Addict DisServices by me, they are so stuck in the past that even the staff refer to the place as something from the past – CADS (Cumminty Alcohol and Drug Service)

As constant readers (of the most riveted and impressed variety) will note, me harping on about them is hardly worth reading. You could take my story and multiply it by hundreds. Thousands. I hear the same stories time and time again.

And you know what it all boils down to?

Money and Funding?
No, not right now. We will leave that to one side for a while. Capitalism is not going to be mentioned in this post. Hell, I won’t even mention Ella Lorde…. Promise….

What it all boils down to is that the GODS whom run the place (for they are gods – they make their own rules and guidelines to dictate patients care) see the service as them doing you a favour.

It is not your RIGHT to have your ankle fixed when broken. But, under NZ law, it is a RIGHT that if all the criteria fit into place, you are cared for. You have treatment plans. You have complaint procedures. You have some of the best care in the world.

It is not your RIGHT to have your addiction supported via a programme. But, once you are signed up, on their books and part of their “treatment” process, you are constantly reminded that they are doing you a favour.

If you get caught doing crime, your methadone programme will force you to consume on premise every time – even though you are working / live in the country / solo mum with mobility issues.

They will, under Jeremy McMinn, continue to write their own rules and regulations and stretch the law.

Sam McBride told my doctor that only Addict DisServices can prescribe for addiction. I, NZFIEND, have found the law books. There is no law, as such. There are guidelines written by themselves, for themselves. There is no basis in law for this.

And yet my Doctor, as a non addict specialist, took their word.

You need trust in a client / carer relationship.


Starting the ball game with the mindset that you are doing someone a favour and they will lie and cheat at every opportunity does not lead to beneficial experience for either provider or patient.

I would suggest that by re-inforcing the junkies belief that society is not for them they are doing more harm than good.


“we weren’t really selling our music. If someone came to us without money we would trade for a t-shirt [or whatever]. For food we had lapak gratis – if someone has money, they would share food and drink with the rest. We looked after each other. It’s what is missing in society.

I agree. It is what is missing.

But what is really missing in Addiction Services Wellington?





    1. Hi there Whopper… Interestingly… I did NOT REALISE SABOXONE WAS A CONTROLLED DRUG… It is a C4 control. Morphine, Ritalin, etc being C2. I am sorry to have put people wrong… The act, however, is an arse!

      And is, hopefully, in the process of being re-written.

      Maybe Peter Dunne will run and hide shortly there after


  1. And even then, SAM MCBRIDE, as being allowed in law, can allow my GP to write such scripts. He chose not to. Nor did they follow their own guidelines on advice or follow up care. All in all – LOUSY. My comments re empathy stand. They need a long hard look at STEP FOUR


  2. (((Sorry all — To clarify – The law basically states only those authorised can prescribe controlled drugs for controlled drug addiction…)))


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