Email to ROSIE and SAM…

I realise that you, Rosie and Sam, do not know me. You do not take the time to know me. You do not want to know me. I am a “client”. A “consumer”. And, somewhat worse, a half intelligent person with time on their hands.

You do not know me, nor I you.

However, I do have to know you. Only to the extent of the way in which you deal with me and my life. (meddle may have been a better word?!)

My life is important to ME nowadays. Which is a far improvement from a few years ago. My life is not important to you. I appreciate that.

I am merely a consumer. An issue. A bit of paper to be checked, ticked and filed by the end of the business day.

I understand this.

And I understand that my life would be a lot simpler, easier and more enjoyable for myself and those around me if you took time to know me.

And yes – You may find your own job in dealing with me more enjoyable. A number of Doctors, Professors, Psych students, Addiction Specialists have. Some may even learn something. One or two may admit such.  (it may take some amount of forced nail removal and orifice penetration for them to admit such, but admit such they damn well shall!)

And, without further ado………  I am going to wait for any effect of 2 x 27mg Concerta to kick in (don’t hold your breath) and go to Newtown for a coffee in my usual spot where I sit looking at your offices. I am then going to go and get another old computer game tattoo’d on my arm. And then I should be out buying and selling car parts in order to get my car back on the road. My car is currently not in a good way. It ran into a Pathways vehicle. Which is somewhat ironic….. Pathways being a Wellington Mental Health navigation provider and all that…. Wellington, New Zealand small? NAH…..

PS – Since the formatting for this post broke down when being copied into WordPress, I just sat here and edited the code by hand. Simple enough, just a bunch of old HyperText style language. Did you, either of you, Rosie or Sam, know I was programming computers in machine code at ten years old? Bet you didn’t. That means BINARY, HEXIDECIMAL conversions… That means there is a brain in there. That means all sorts of things. None of which anyone is really interested in.


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