NZ PRIME MINISTER, JOHN KEY (the right, but not very honourable)

NZ Prime Minister, John Key


John Key, our right and totally not honourable Prime Minister.

Coming soon ;
the porn collection featuring CCDHB psych and addiction providers.


In the meantime – Play a game…. Get the tattoo….


Did anyone know I was once a computer geek? Sure you did.
My best friends all made millions,
work for Government agencies (high levels of hush hush)
or got convicted of various things and spend time in mental health wards regularly even though they know more about computers. networks and ways to do interesting shit than Bill Gates.

I have one illegal data (hacking) type conviction.

B+ for aptitude. C- for effort.



Hey – You can see a copy of the original pencil sketch of this blogs title graffic in the background. Fucken A



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