Rise and Fall of the Official View of Addiction

Rise and Fall of the Official View of Addiction

Bruce K. Alexander,

Professor Emeritus
Simon Fraser University
Revised January 17 2014

Worth a read. Some of you can. Those who give half a shit should click on the title. It is, cunningly, a link to something worth reading. Clever me.

I am too busy laughing my arse off at FIEND by  Peter Stenson to read anything half serious right now. 


You know what is really funny?

Just clicked on old video of Gabor giving a speech to corrections people in the land of the white obese (no – North America, not SYDNEY, Australia) … Since wanting to hear some shitty bit of music made by a band whom read Bruce’s GlobalizationOfAddiction (available in Wellington Otago Medical Library, Wellington City Libraries for those too ripped off by capitalism to afford their own copies) the amplifier got switched to COMPUTER from OLD P.I.L SECOND EDITION DOUBLE E.P (Vinyl – you know) …

I still think “disassociation” is a better term than “dislocation” but understand it may confuse all those proper people in psych field as they use it to describe events closer to home. Such as someone who stresses out and presents as hysterical maybe? That would be disassociating from self, from surroundings. 

Before ever reading a single thing about this subject, I figured disassociation was a key term in addiction. It is still valid. It is just that the bloody psych people bet me to it and the word has become to entrenched with different connotations. 


So, there I was trying start a song, probably written by some dugged out hippy chick. I turn up the speakers.

I get this well respected voice quoting from a book combined with guitar and the (yes, I guessed correctly) hippy chick with no bra on singing some rather mundanely ironic Bruce K. dissertations.

Wow, I think stupidly, that is some sort of a wyrd mix. (wierd, wyrd, look it up yourselves…. WHATEVER!)

Turns out GABOR has been prattling on for thirty five minutes on YOUTUBE and this song is being played over the top.

“Connection” by the DockSreet Band, a song inspired by “The Globalization of Addiction”

Eminem I may be not.

Bloody interesting listening – YES.

” Nothing records the effects of a life as graphically as a human body ”
I am selling tickets to my autopsy. Line right up.



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