Random post to make last post not be the last post

Play LOUD. Is therapy. Serenity…



“Go away, sunny day
Go away, sunny dayAll the horny people sitting
In front of their TV and thinkin’
What is wrong with me? I’m not a monster
Why won’t anybody fuck me
I don’t wanna live life lonely
Why does everyone have to be perfect?Go away, sunny day
Go away, sunny dayAll the barfly’s sippin’ whiskey
Fighting ever present pitty
Wondering what they keep sucking back for
Is it the drink or trepidation
Watching all trains leave the station
Left standing alone without a ticket

You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
And you, you light up my life

Stop searching cause there’s no answer
Just a long ride of disaster
There’s no simple way to stop the sadness
Life’s not fair I’m glad it’s not
This isn’t heaven just a lonely
Planet on the verge of self-destruction“”


Saw that FRENCH LADIES are using colouring in books to re-leave stress… Serenity via colouring in – Works for the local tattooist…

Serenity or stress management. Weeding the garden, working on cars. Colouring in. Something to concentrate on. Something with detail. Something with simple rules and procedures.

Some things.

A lot better than nothings.

No things results in boredom limbo. Nothing good comes from boredom limbo.

Ask anyone addicted to running with a broken leg.


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