In a world with too many crap logos….


This logo has always caught my eye. It may have been red and yellow at one point (????) but this blue version is simply freaken AWESOME. O for OARSUM, Samoan for fantastic.


I have still been thinking about PEER SUPPORT and my own version of it…


Computer users may think of this as Point 2 Point Networking, or Peer to Peer Networking.


Welcome to synonym awareness week. NGO style.


(For those whom think that is a made up word, like the crap I use for my “higher power”, please click HERE for the Merriam-Webster explanation Thanks for caring.

NUTURANCE is an apt word. Relatively.


Providing awareness

Information regarding exact situations, maybe via sharing PERSONAL PONTIFICATION POLITELY

Provoking thought

Looking at things differently

Positive avenues

to suitable research, help, tools…

 Without any hidden agendas or control from Government, Political Body or over managed Trust / Service Provider, the true p2pn ™ specialist is an O for AWESOME addition to the world of addiction and health.

Without being attached to any one body, national or local, there appears to be no capitalist incentive for supporting these lost souls to being decent members of that society.

Therein lays a problem.


^^^^^^^ READ THIS



There are a few conferences and presentations I would like to attend in various guises. I will put on my nice wig and smiley face and sit at the back. I will not get in any of the photographs, nor will I appear to be representing anyone, anything or any organisation.

Because I aren’t.

I am paying may own way to various events around NZ and am hiding down the back.

The guy with computer game tattoo’s… You’d think he would stand out.

Not in this nutty world he doesn’t.


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