Hahahahahahaha, AMAZING.

Go and post a bunch of crap on NZ POLICE sites (including their FaceBook entries for “Wellington Police” and “NZ Police Recruiting”). Then go and eat some Weetbix. It does not take long to eat two Weetbix with a bit of Pams Fruit Salad…

When getting back from eating Weetbix computer swearing black and blue that FACEBOOK.COM is not working. “DNS lookup failed”, “DNS found but no data available”,  “404”, “Your computer does not have security clearance to view this domain”- etc etc etc.

No matter what you try, your computer will not acknowledge FACEBOOK is still part of the internet.

Me, being a cheeky shit, then uses other networks (not associated in any way, shape or form with my good self) to not only see FACEBOOK is still actually alive and kicking (knew it!)………

But I log in as myself by having to answer security questions to prove I am logging in from Guatemala in 2009.

This is somewhat confusing. Logging into any internet site from Guatemala is bad enough, but surely the internet knows the date better than 2009? Hahahaha. That will overheat a logic processor or two somewhere.


This is the same computer, in the same instance of Windows 7, on the same login — A screen shot of CHROME, OPERA and COMODO on the left (all telling me that FACEBOOK is completely down and not working) whilst the right side of the screen has another window, with another programme, running another network tunnel displays the latest up to the minute content of FACEBOOK and the NZ POLICE SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES that have been denied via my Internet service provider standard network sources.

Yeap. True story.

Have been noticing that a little programme called FIDDLER 2 has to be kept happy. Do not know how FIDDLER got onto my computer in the first place and could not work out how to delete it. You know what? I just installed the latest version and it now runs my own scripts (no more diverting various internet address – IP’s – to some untraceable source),,,,

Geeks with a bent mind will probably laugh at this. They know I am not doing anything worthy of such attention.

But the Police?

Hell. They will be around breaking in my door shortly.


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